littleprince_02Indisputably, everyone dreams about little moment to return to the carefree childhood. Into those moments when thoughts are filled with fantastic and fairytale world in which live many fabulous characters and there are a variety of activities.

Because of the strong desire to return to the world of childhood the famous pilot-storyteller Antoine de Saint-Exupery has written the The Little Prince fairytale.

Apparently, many people reading this story would like to meet with a fabulous hero of de Saint-Exupery. And not only with Little Prince, even more - dive into the world of fairytales as in the childhood.

To instill a piece of dream into reality, we the team of Kharkiv Airlines see our mission.  We put all our soul in work to make you feel really high comfort of our services and dive into a magical world of fairytales. And the greatest reward for us is your smile and enjoy of the flight with our airline.

Kharkiv Airlines makes the dream of the distant fairy worlds accessible for everyone!