Quality and Safety Standards

Kharkiv Airlines with high liability relates to air transportation safety requirements and complies with all domestic and international quality standards without any exception.

Today the airline's personnel include about 150 people, including experienced pilots, upscale technicians, professional flight attendants and skilled administrative staff.

Kharkiv Airlines provide passenger transportation with modern and comfortable planes according to the range.

Before each flight Kharkiv Airlines aircraft held a detailed inspection at the departure airports and after arrival to the destination point - at the destination airport. In addition, all aircraft have scheduled daily, quarterly and annual technical inspection as well as full service after a certain number of flying hours.

Overview of technical condition and aircraft maintenance is provided in compliance to the requirements and clear plan that is also coordinated from the aircraft producer side - the leader of international passenger aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the leasing company.

Thus, the technical support of the aircraft is provided on continuous basis.

All employees of Kharkiv Airlines have certificates confirming theirs qualifications. In addition, specialists of flight and maintenance department are continuously gone through specialized courses (including international organizations courses) and training aimed to improve and verify professional qualifications.

Kharkiv Airlines with high liability relates to safety standards during the flight. In accordance with the strict requirements each member of the flight personnel before the flight passes a medical examination and obtains special instructions on further flights.

For safety requirements passengers should follow the instructions of the crew during the flight. Kharkiv Airlines crew members acquaint passengers with information how to operate safety belts, the location of emergency exits, life jackets, oxygen masks. It’s not allowed to carry illegal for transportation things, use electronic devices during takeoff/landing and specifically identified items, such as cell-phone during the flight.

To ensure the comfort and safety hand luggage should be placed on the shelves or under the seats of the previous row.

Airline crew members will make maximum effort for your convenience and comfort during the flight and provide the necessary actions towards the implementation of regulations and safety standards onboard Kharkiv Airlines aircraft. Due to the need to ensure an adequate safety level of transportation it’s important to immediately comply with all the requirements and instructions of cabin crew.