What are the classes of service available on board Kharkiv Airlines?

A: Aircraft type Boeing 737-800NG have one class of service - Economic and involved for performing flights on the medium routes. Boeing 767-300ER equipped two classes of service - Economy and Business. For more information about the airlines fleet refer Fleet and Network. More about Business class read here.

Are meals provided during the flight?

A: Yes. On all Kharkiv Airlines flights available food service. On long-haul flights meals will be provided twice. For more information about meals and special meals requests refer to "Meals on board".

What kind of electronic devices are allowed to use onboard during the flight?

A: For safety reasons during aircraft take-off and landing using any electronic devices is prohibited. Please be patient and wait until the aircraft climb/landing and additionally ask crew members about possibility of using one or another electronic gadget.

During the flight, onboard you may use following electronic devices: laptops, mp3-player, compact game stations. Using hearing aids and pacemakers are also allowed.

Using mobile phones during the flight, take-off, landing and taxiing is strictly prohibited.