Baggage Rates & Fees on routes up to 6 hours flight duration


Checked Baggage



2nd piece of excess baggage, 1 PC.


1. The list of bulky sports equipment, transported as cargo:

Bicycles - tandems.

Windsurfing equipment longer than 290 cm.

Sporting six.

Sports spear for throwing.

Kayaks/canoes, paddles.

Hang gliders.

Any sports equipment, 1 set, which weight more than 32 kg.

2. Musical instrument, the weight of which (including the container/case) is more than 32 kg and/or the sum of 3 dimensions (length x width x height) is more than 305 cm must be transported as cargo.

Exception: Basses are accepted for carriage as checked luggage, even if their size exceeds the maximum allowed.

3d piece of excess baggage and each following (including in excess of 2PC).


Each piece of baggage weighing more than 23 kg and 32 kg (inclusive).


Each piece of baggage size (sum of 3 dimensions) more than 158 cm (up to 203 cm). If the size exceeds 203 cm, the baggage must be transported as cargo.


Each set of sports equipment (except bulky - see above), regardless of its actual size, luggage is available for transportation within the permissible norms: the sum of 3 dimensions (length x width x height) - up to 158 cm.

Exception: windsurf board must not exceed 290 cm in length. In case of exceeding this rate, a windsurfing equipment is bulky and must be transported as cargo.

Animals + weight of the container (max. 32 kg)


Not included in free baggage allowance for checked baggage and always paid its total weight including the weight of the container. Animal weight including the weight of the container more than 32 kg are transported as cargo.

Pets in the cabin + weight of the container (max 8 kg)


Not included in the free baggage allowance.

Service dogs

free of charge

Only those who serve as escorts for passengers with limited mobility.

When one piece of luggage used multiple payments for various parameters exceeding the free baggage allowance, the passenger must pay their total cost.