Sports Equipment

Sports equipment: Piece Concept for routes,

which exceeds 6 hours flight duration

Conditions of carriage of sports equipment in checked baggage*

Max. weight/size kit of sport equipment allowed to be transported as checked baggage**

All types (except surfing equipment)

32 kg/dimensions without limitation.

Surfing equipment:

32 kg / max. board length - 290 cm**

Rates and charges for sports equipment transportation

Business Class, Premium Class

Economy Class

Rate of

free baggage allowance


Rate of

free baggage allowance


Luggage along with a set of sports equipment = 2PC

Luggage - up to 32 kg

Set of sports equipment - up to 23 kg

Each kit weighing over 23 kg up to 32 kg - € 100

Luggage or sports equipment set:

1PC weight of 23 kg

1 set in excess of the 1PC - € 50

Each set in excess of the 2PC - € 200

Each set is in excess of the 2PC - € 200

Each kit weighing more than 23 kg (up to 32kg) - € 100

* Defining the free baggage allowance should be guided by the standards specified in the passenger ticket.

** Sports equipment, which weight more than 32 kg, bikes-tandems, surfboards longer than 290 cm are transported as cargo (are not accepted for Kharkiv Airlines flights).

NOTE: In the case where a single piece of luggage used several payments to different parameters exceeding the free baggage allowance, the passenger must pay their total cost.