Rules of conduct onboard aircraft

Rules of conduct onboard aircraft

Air transport - a special area where safety of passengers is the priority. Protecting passengers, cabin crew and aviation personnel of Ukraine against acts of unlawful interventions provided by complex of aviation security measures, one of which are establishing of all rules, regulations and procedures by all participants of air passenger transportations.

Rules of conduct onboard aircraft of Kharkiv Airlines focused on safety and are mandatory for all passengers.

We would like to familiarize you with rules of conduct onboard aircraft during the flight:

Passengers are entitled to:
- ensure their safety;
- abandon the flight at a reasonable concern to ensure their safety;
- apply to the cabin crew and require protection in the event of threats to his life, health or dignity.

Passengers have to:
- observe the discipline and rules of conduct onboard aircraft;
- comply with the instructions and recommendations of crew;
- place own hand luggage and personal belongings in designated areas specified by cabin crew;
- fasten safety harnesses when panel "fasten seat belts" switched on.

Passengers are prohibited to:
- create situations that threaten the safety of flight, life, health and dignity of passengers and cabin crew;
- show disrespect, aggression against other passengers and cabin crew;
- allow about passengers and crew any form of abuse or physical violence;
- obstruct the line of duty of cabin crew members;
- take drugs and other substances causing intoxication of organism;
- drink alcoholic beverages, except which served by cabin crew;
- smoke onboard the aircraft, including electronic cigarettes;
- get up from his seat and move around the cabin while climbing or landing;
- clutter walkways, emergency and service doors and approaches to emergency exits;
- spoil any equipment and property onboard aircraft;
- remove any equipment or property owned airline;
- use rescue equipment when the cabin crew did not announce this command;
- take pictures, make video of aircraft passenger cabin, crew and other airline personnel without prior granted permission (approval) from the management of the airline;
- use the means of communication such as mobile phones, radios, etc. throughout the flight;
- use electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, player etc. during take-off and landing aircraft;
- create any other illegal situations that threaten or may endanger flight safety;
- exercise of violence, psychological pressure or direct intimidation, threats or intentional injury to life, health or property of passengers, crew or airline;
- spread false information, which may cause threat to the aircraft safety;
- to penetrate or attempt to penetrate the cockpit of aircraft;
- to open the emergency doors and hatches of the aircraft without authorization;
- make other action endangering flight safety or have signs of a crime, which falls under the criminal laws of Ukraine.

In order to ensure flight safety Airline has a right to prohibit or restrict the use onboard the aircraft electronic equipment, cell phones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, CD-players, transmitting devices, including radio controlled toys with portable radios, etc. (with the exception of hearing device and pacemakers).

In case of violation of the above rules aircraft commander may:
- give orders and instructions to be obey as the crew and passengers;
- apply all necessary measures, including coercion and to those whose actions threaten the safety of the flight and did not execute his orders;
- make an emergency landing in the nearest aerodrome (airport) to transmit passenger-offender to law enforcement authorities.

Active airline rules and practice of their use include the following sanctions:
- reimbursement by passenger an additional costs as a result of an offense committed onboard aircraft;
- compensation for material damage caused by passenger-offender;
- refusal to travel on airline flights;
- providing incident maximum public exposure in the media and across the Internet.

With the rules of conduct onboard aircraft passengers can be familiar:
- on the airline's website ;
- onboard aircraft;
- in the representative offices of airline.

The legislation of most countries provides penalties for violations of aviation security/flight safety.

Passengers-offenders, depending on the particular national law can be fined (fines from 340 USD to $ 250,000) and/or subject to prosecution (arrest from 15 days to 20 years).